Here’s how your donation can help!
$25 will pay for vaccines and a microchip for one animal                               
$50 will pay for one spay or neuter
$100 will fund 2 spays or neuters  
$250 will purchase 1 spay pack (10 are needed) 
$500 will purchase vaccines and medicines  
$1,000 will help purchase an autoclave for sterilization    
$2,500 will purchase surgical supplies                                             
$5,000 will purchase consumable veterinary equipment                  
$10,000 will purchase spay neuter surgical instruments                                                         
$20,000 will purchase spay neuter surgical equipment
$25,000 will purchase stainless animal                                                       cages for recovery

To Donate to Spay To Save:  Send your check payable to Spay To Save to:  Spay To Save, P.O. Box 2453, Port Angeles, Washington, 98362.  Donations are tax deductible.


Spay To Save is a nonprofit, 501( c)(3) organization, whose sole mission is to save animals’ lives through spay/neuter. 


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